Friday, November 14, 2014

holiday gift guide - tricky husbands

jeff is notoriously difficult to gift-give to. he does however have an appreciation for classic, simple and practical items. below are a few things that might fit that criteria, and perhaps offer you a little inspiration should you too find yourself with a tricky partner to gift hunt for.

one || chemex drip coffee maker - we love coffee in our house, so any contraption that will help brew the perfect cup will forever be a welcome addition.

two || turkish bath sheets - these towels are the greatest! they dry quickly (so they never smell musky - perfect for humid climates like vancouver), they are slim and lightweight so they take up less space in your linen cupboard or swim bag, and they're large enough to be used as a blanket at the beach. win win win.

three || handmade leather wallet - if someone in your life is lugging around a gnarly faded black crusty wallet that they have had since grade 10, it might be nice to get them something beautiful to replace it. there are tons of options out there, but i especially appreciated the simplicity of these ones- and just a touch of uniqueness in the patterns.

four || shaving set - a beautiful handmade shaving mug, natural shaving cream, and a boar bristle brush should absolutely be part of every mans shaving routine. 

five || opinel trekking knife - knives are always a welcome gift- a great tool to have on hand, and something that is forever being lost and in need of replacement in our household. opinel blades are classic, beautoful, and the best quality around.

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