Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Merry Christmas

may your holiday season be filled with happiness, peace and an abundance of beautiful things. thank you for all your love, support and encouragement this past year- looking forward to all that 2015 has in store. xo

Monday, December 15, 2014

the sisterhood: bri tejeda

sisterhood - a bond between two or more women, not always related by blood. they always tell the truth, honor each other, and love each other deeply, like sisters. 

bri tejada is one of those kindred souls that comes along very rarely in life. the type you instantly feel a close friend connection with. the type that you follow, hanging on every single word, happily feeling that connection deepen.

with three little girls at home, her life is incredibly busy, but bri still manages to share some truly beautiful stories through her (new) blog- and her always inspiring instagram feed. a welcome spot of sunshine on the gloomiest of days, i am so thankful to get to share a little bit about bri today. 

name, occupation, location? 
bri tejeda, blogger/ mother/ story-teller/ natural skin care aficionado, bellingham, washington

what makes your heart happy?
i know it sounds odd, and i’m sure i could give you a million answers as to what keeps my heart full and happy, but “perseverance” pretty much sums it all up.

there is nothing like the feeling of working hard and looking back, seeing everything you overcame. everything you felt and experienced and learned, most of the time the hard way, as a person to get where you are today. it's honestly what keeps me positive and keeps me focused. i moved out at a really young age and have essentially had a lot of looking back and “ whoa, i got through that” moments. the “silver lining” in life is what makes my heart happy, and seeing that my daughters are growing up learning to find the good in the bad and enjoy it when its smooth sailing is really encouraging for me as their mother. i want that for them.

when i was about 15 i used to fly back and forth from washington to santa cruz, CA and stay with my sister in her dorm when i needed someone (she is the best sister). she gave me this little book by anna quinlend and it had a quote in it that read:

'Exhaust the little moment.
Soon it dies.
And be it gash or gold
it will not come.
Again in this identical

that quote really did give me so much perspective in my life, so much so that at the ripe age of 16 i decided it was good enough to get tattooed on me... so i guess the lesson here is buy your siblings (kids) books that encourage them, but don’t let them move out on their own when their still babies and get tattoos.

your all time favourite recipe?
my favorite recipe of all time is, hands down, our families swedish Yuletide bread. I was just deemed capable enough (thanks family) to have the recipe so i can start making it with my daughters. 

although i can’t share it with you (its a family TREASURE) i can tell you if you google “Swedish Yule Bread” you’ll get something pretty close... with some pointers:i cut the amount of candied cherries in half, get extra generous on the nuts, and double the amount of cardamom it asks for. also, don’t compare this delicacy to fruit cake, those are fighting words.

your all time favourite photograph?

my favorite photograph is grainy and taken with a cell phone. it's a picture of my husband and i having our first kiss as husband and wife. we got married in a court room on a saturday, the judge had a messy robe and we stepped over homeless people on our way in. most people would not want that to be their wedding day, and of course when i look at these pinterest perfect weddings i sigh a little, but honestly i would have it no other way. it wasn’t about the event, the clothes, or the guests, it was about me spending my life with the only person who stole my heart.

joe and I have known each other since we were twelve years old, and neither of our lives have been necessarily ideal. we have seen each other through a lot, and even as kids knew we would end up together. i can honestly say he is the only person i have genuinely felt that unconditional love with, and i try to remind myself constantly what a gift that really is. i want to be the realist and say the concept of soul mates sounds silly, but i suppose even at twelve, when you know you know.

something in your home that you adore?

i adore two spaces in this little home.

one being the constellation wall we did for the girls room as part of our birthday gift for our oldest daughter, indiauna, and the second being my very cluttered and yet somehow endearing sun window above my sink. it's full of succulents and that's genuinely the only plant i can keep alive, so i shove them all up there with the best intentions to spread them around the house, though the always seem to die if i move them.

maybe air plants are my thing?

something on your wish list?
something that means a whole lot to me, and i suppose is on a ‘wish list’ would be that the blog and skin line that i’ve been tediously working on for the last year, translate in the way i want it to, and be received with as much love and thoughtfulness that i’ve poured into it. my intention is to spread a little honesty through authenticity and to take people along that journey with me, as well as celebrate other women who inspire me.

as silly as it sounds, doing justice by those things is a very big deal to me, and i guess that's my wish.

something totally random about yourself?
i love elvis. a lot. i grew up in las vegas and bought a fake copy of his drivers license at a flee market when i was seven. i carried it in my wallet until i was 23. i lost that wallet, and the only part i regret losing is that damn elvis ID. he’s the king, bottom line.

how people can connect with you
you can find me on instagram - @indimoonrose and on facebook under bri tejeda, as well as my blog 

thank you so much bri! it was such a treat to get to spend some time reading more about you and your beautiful family. xo

the sisterhood is a regular feature post intended to highlight inspiring women in this world. near or far, real life friends, internet buds, or beauties that have connecting through this blog. members of my sisterhood doing great things and worthy of a bit of our admiration, love and attention. if you are interested in joining, please get in touch!

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 days of baking || brown sugar shortbread

my friend kristen is a special one. we met in a bradely birth class almost 5 years ago and have been wonderful and connected friends ever since. she is an amazing inspiration- SO hard working, loving, calm, kind and considerate, healthy, and an incredible cook. She always knows just what to say and is an absolute joy to be around. she makes my heart happy. it's been a wild few years, but the sweetest treat has been watching our babies grow up together. and getting to sip beer, chat endlessly and eat delicious meals with kristen by my side has been pretty swell too. i love you my friend!

today is officially the last entry for the '12 days of baking' series, and kristen was excited to share a  recipe from her childhood for shortbread. technically this is the second shortbread recipe but this one uses brown sugar instead of confectioners, so its a rich and much different tasting cookie. one i will be adding to my holiday baking rotation from here on in.

brown sugar shortbread
'This is my grandma's recipe that my mom made every year when I was a kid (and still does). I have to admit, that as a kid they weren't my favourite Christmas treat, but with age came wisdom...brown sugar, butter and flour make the most golden melt in your mouth treats!  Thank goodness I wised up!   A couple of years ago I started making them with my oldest daughter, Ellen (now 4.5 years old). I feel her opinion of them is the same as mine was at that age (although her little sister was a fan tonight), but so long as she wants to bake with me, I'm happy! Classic, simple, delicious.' - Kristen Powell

:: ingredients ::
1 pound butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
4 cups flour

:: directions ::
cream together butter and brown sugar. add flour and once combined kneed well.
roll onto floured surface and cut with cookie cutters (or, if your like me and don't own cookie cutters or just prefer a simple look, cut dough with a knife into squares and rectangles and make designs on top with a fork...this was a highlight for both Ellen and me)
bake in 300° for approximately 20 minutes. watch them, and if they start to turn slightly golden they are done (i find this the toughest part!)
dont forget to lick the spoon! (butter + sugar = heaven!!)

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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

12 days of baking || sugar cookies

sugar cookies have always been my favourite homemade cookie. no matter the holiday, they are an appropriate treat to incorporate into the festivities.

this past week, we had my sweet friend carie and her sweet kiddos over to bake with us. it was quickly agreed that between scooping and dumping, rolling and cutting, decorating and taste-testing, sugar cookies would offer enough tasks to keep two 4 year olds and and a 1.5 year old well entertained. of course tons of laughter, a giant mess and many delicious cookies were enjoyed by all.

sugar cookies
:: ingredients ::
1/2 cup butter, softened
1 cup sugar
2 1/4 cups flour + more for rolling out
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 tsp baking powder
2 eggs
1/2 tsp vanilla

:: directions ::
preheat the oven to 375 degrees
cream butter and sugar together
add eggs and vanilla and continue to mix
in a medium bowl, sift together flour, baking powder and salt
add dry ingredients slowly into wet and continue to mix. if your dough feels a bit sticky or still too wet, add another 1/4 cup of flour
roll out dough on well floured surface, cut into shapes and bake for 8-12 minutes, or until just starting to turn golden.

we added sprinkles, smarties and almonds to our cookies before baking so the kids would have a more active roll in the decorating, but feel free to top with butter cream icing (my fave! my aunt rose's special butter cream icing recipe is here) or whatever other decorations you fancy.

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