Tuesday, December 9, 2014

12 days of baking || brown sugar shortbread

my friend kristen is a special one. we met in a bradely birth class almost 5 years ago and have been wonderful and connected friends ever since. she is an amazing inspiration- SO hard working, loving, calm, kind and considerate, healthy, and an incredible cook. She always knows just what to say and is an absolute joy to be around. she makes my heart happy. it's been a wild few years, but the sweetest treat has been watching our babies grow up together. and getting to sip beer, chat endlessly and eat delicious meals with kristen by my side has been pretty swell too. i love you my friend!

today is officially the last entry for the '12 days of baking' series, and kristen was excited to share a  recipe from her childhood for shortbread. technically this is the second shortbread recipe but this one uses brown sugar instead of confectioners, so its a rich and much different tasting cookie. one i will be adding to my holiday baking rotation from here on in.

brown sugar shortbread
'This is my grandma's recipe that my mom made every year when I was a kid (and still does). I have to admit, that as a kid they weren't my favourite Christmas treat, but with age came wisdom...brown sugar, butter and flour make the most golden melt in your mouth treats!  Thank goodness I wised up!   A couple of years ago I started making them with my oldest daughter, Ellen (now 4.5 years old). I feel her opinion of them is the same as mine was at that age (although her little sister was a fan tonight), but so long as she wants to bake with me, I'm happy! Classic, simple, delicious.' - Kristen Powell

:: ingredients ::
1 pound butter, softened
1 cup brown sugar
4 cups flour

:: directions ::
cream together butter and brown sugar. add flour and once combined kneed well.
roll onto floured surface and cut with cookie cutters (or, if your like me and don't own cookie cutters or just prefer a simple look, cut dough with a knife into squares and rectangles and make designs on top with a fork...this was a highlight for both Ellen and me)
bake in 300° for approximately 20 minutes. watch them, and if they start to turn slightly golden they are done (i find this the toughest part!)
dont forget to lick the spoon! (butter + sugar = heaven!!)

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