Tuesday, January 27, 2015

across the country + back - new brunswick part 3

we spent a few beautiful fall days around fredericton apple picking and visiting kings landing historical settlement -  an amazing outdoor living history museum, recreating the lives of new brunswickers in the 1800s. our trip was filled with many wonderful experiences, but our last few days in NB were some of the best.

Monday, January 26, 2015

across the country + back - nova scotia

during our journey, jeff and i snuck away to nova scotia for a few days. halifax, windsor, peggy's cove, lahave, lawrencetown beach and lots of little towns and picture perfect stops in between.

nova scotia is incredible! since the first time i visited 14 years ago (in the back of my friends bands tour van), i was instantly in love. i knew the time jeff and i spent there would be perfect, and it truly was. we had so much fun, visiting amazing friends, wandering around without any agenda or worry of time, staying up late and perhaps drinking just a little too much, this adventure of ours left us with some of my happiest memories and a few favourite photographs.

Friday, January 23, 2015

across the country and back - new brunswick part 2

a visit to the mcadam train station in the town where jeff's parents grew up, a half birthday party for one lucky little boy, and a visit to an off-grid cabin on the lake. new brunswisk was bursting with memories.


Thursday, January 22, 2015

across the country + back- new brunswick - part 1

if you have never been to the maritimes, i will echo what everyone who has ever been there says: you MUST go. Canada is beautiful and full of so much incredibleness, but i would argue that easily half of ALL this incredibleness is stored on the east coast. it just feels like home the moment you get there. everyone is so kind and friendly- life just moves at a different pace. a wonderful, simpler, enjoyable pace.

we spent several weeks visiting with jeff's family in new brunswisk, but no matter how much time we spend there, it never feels like enough.