Sunday, March 8, 2015

a forest scavenger hunt...

over the last year, finn and i have spent many afternoons exploring - searching for pine cones, homes for fairies, chirping birds, feathers... finn LOVES having a list he can carry around and check off as we go along, so i do my very best (which is really quite horrible) to draw pictures of things we can seek out.

my sweet friend carina is an incredibly talented artist with an abundance of skills, so when i had the idea to to make and share a really nicely illustrated scavenger hunt list, i knew she was the one to talk to. we spent some time working out the details, and this weekend, she shared the first of several scavenger hunts- a forest theme perfect for little or big kids alike to get outside and explore with.

in the past, finn and i have collected items in a bag to later bring home and craft with (think nature journaling, mobile making, natural weaving or pressing flowers and leaves to later make beautiful prints or cards with.) but we have also spent time letting finn photograph our findings - giving him an old phone or camera and allowing him free reign to work at his own pace and photograph items as we go along. whatever you decide, this is such a fun adventure and a really easy way to get kids excited about being outside!

carina will be illustrating a few more scavenger hunt lists soon! we have plans under way for an urban hunt and a beach hunt, so stay tuned.

in the meantime, you can download carina's illustrated forest list from her website, peaks and harbours HERE, and check out more of carina's beautiful illustrations HERE.