Friday, April 10, 2015


i don't know where the time went, or how this boy of mine is officially leaving babyhood behind, but yesterday, my sweet finn turned 5.

things he loves are every growing : cars, trains, bike rides, lego, ninjago, and play fighting with his buds. baseball and running at the park, snuggles with his bunny, and taking chapeau for walks. swimming (so long as he doesnt have to put his face in the water), colouring, balloons and perfectly warm baths. tepid milk, crackers of most kinds and pistachios are his favourite treats. he is a child of simple pleasures- he really only likes about a dozen foods, and isn't super keen on anything too sweet. vanilla ice cream is his biggest indulgence, and periodically, the chocolate from a kinder egg.

may you always keep your strong will and unwavering opinions, your kind and tender heart, and your innocent ability to be completely unfazed by peoples differences. you are such a rad kid and one i tear up thinking about each night before bed, and one i smile thinking about each morning before you open your eyes.

we love you so much, finn. happy 5th birthday.