Monday, April 4, 2016

people of vancouver

before christmas, we had the pleasure of working with bethany schiedel of images by bethany. she took some truly beautiful photos of our family, and in turn, asked if i would be interested in being featured on her peaks and harbours column, 'people of vancouver'.

i was totally flattered to be considered, and at the time didn't realize how meaningful that feature would actually be for me. it forced me to spend time reflecting on our home and community here in vancouver- something which until then, i hadn't really put all that much thought into doing. but with that, came the realization of just how many wonderful friendships we have been able to foster here, and how after 3 super shitty and difficult years for us personally, we can ultimately look at everything around us with a heart FULL of gratitude and happiness for the opportunities and friendships that have blessed us- that despite the hardships, what really stands out is a whole lot of wonderfulness.

thank you to bethany and the peaks and harbours gals. feel free to have a peek at my post of you are so inclined.