Monday, October 3, 2016

our summer on film

as it always does, summer seemed to be over just a quickly as it begun. we didn't do a lot, but we enjoyed it all- spending time at the beach, visiting family and friends in victoria and calgary, and soaking up as much sunshine as we could before the rain set in.

i shot a few rolls of film over the last few months. film has been a lesson in patience for me. it takes time to thoughtfully use up 36 exposures, and then more time to make it down to the lab to have the roll developed, and then (if you happen to be married to my husband) a really really long time before he is able to bunker down and scan all the negatives in. sometimes the photos have been built up and so highly anticipated that they are a bit of a disappointment when all is said and done. but there is always always a gem or two- a forgotten day that you are surprised to see captured, and that makes all the waiting worth while every single time.