Sunday, July 16, 2017


how is this boy already 7? i know, i literally say this EVERY year, but time goes by so quickly, and the older he gets, the faster it goes- for instance- finn turned 7 in april and it's already july and i am just getting around to sharing this post.

a small spattering of things finn loves:
  • reading - he still prefers we read out loud to him (and we are happy to oblige), but often now we will find him curled up on the couch reading books to himself. 
  • visiting the library - his school librarian endearingly refers to him as her 'best customer', occasionally spending their lunch hour together picking out books to order in, and always returning home with no less than 5 books in his backpack on library day. the librarian at our local public library greet jeff and i by saying 'hi finn's mom and dad!'
  • trains, cars, lego, harry potter, and magic - finn has refused to outgrow anything he has at one time or another been in to. it's cool to see him still building train tracks (thought now he regularly incorporates lego villages or shopkins around his track so his setups are much more elaborate.) but it sure makes toy storage a challenge when he flat out refuses to let go of anything.
  • riding bikes - up and down the block or anywhere we go, a bike is always requested.
  • playing dragons or house or baby kittens or putting on performances while trampoline jumping with amelie and mila. most days revolve on how much time those three can get together and play. for an only child, having these sweet girls living upstairs has been the most wonderful blessing for all of us.  
  • swimming - it took some time, but he finally found his fins
 happy 7th birthday, bunny. we loves ya!