Tuesday, June 26, 2018


over the weekend, we ventured down to check out a beautiful mural and flower installation on the arbutus greenway. hundreds and hundreds of wildflowers were planted to help feed the bees, creating a beautiful backdrop for passerby's to soak up. afterward we popped by the beach to dip our toes on the ocean and reset a few grumpy moods (works every time!)

it can be easy to forget how amazing living in vancouver truly is. it's expensive and it has been hard to recover after a particularly gloomy winter, but goodness, spring and summer are all kinds of magical. out for a drink the other night, i overheard someone near us say 'vancouver is literally my paradise' - i quietly chuckled to myself at the slightly dramatic, totally cliche remark. but sunday reminded me that they are right- vancouver is very much a paradise- it's one of the most beautiful places i have ever been, and sacrificing to live here, for now anyways, is worth it for sunny sundays.