Tuesday, July 3, 2018

GUEST BLOG POST | room to breathe

Earlier this week, I wrote a guest blog post for Room to Breathe Home Organizing - a Calgary-based professional organizing business doing incredible work to help families reduce clutter, implement lasting organization, and achieve a more simple life, free from the burden and stress of our excess 'stuff'.


I have written many guest posts for Room to Breathe before, but this one hit particularly close to home for me right now. The article is about maintaining organization and reducing clutter while living with children. You know- those little creatures we love beyond words, but somehow manage to mess up every square inch of living space in the blink of an eye? I have yet to meet anyone coexisting with children that isn't engaged in a DAILY battle with the rapid influx of extra things that accompany them. And as wonderful and exciting as summer break is, it also means every toy, book, puzzle, Lego piece, cardboard box (big makerspace fans over here), and leftover snack plate has instantly taken over every single surface of our house. (Please don't get me started on the portfolio of one million masterpieces that came home on the last day of school and is still occupying my kitchen table. Sigh.)

So, I will soon be taking my own advice - purging, donating, reorganizing, and creatively curbing a winters worth of items that inexplicably walked through our front door since the last time I tackled this beast. If you need a little nudge or are looking for inspiration to edit your child-friendly home, head this way...


And - if you are in Calgary and simply need an extra helping hand to rid your life of chaos once and for all, give Indi a call! She is truly an amazing woman - non-judgemental, kind-hearted, and gifted at the work she loves doing. Hiring a professional organizer is hands down one of the best investments you will ever make.