Sunday, December 30, 2018


earlier in the week, one of my favourite bloggers, elsie larson, shared about how they wanted to give their daughter a more musical childhood, so they decided they will learn about and listen to a different band or musician  each week throughout 2019.

jeff and i quickly took this idea and ran with it. our plan is to draw a name from our music jar each sunday, spending a bit of time reading about the history of the musician(s), followed by listening to a few of their songs during sunday dinner. from there, we will spend the rest of the week listening to various albums, watching music videos, and discussing what we like about them.

we compiled a list of a few more than 52 bands - one for each sunday in 2019 - and we are all eager to get started next weekend.

this is by no means a radically diverse list, though we did try to consciously include a wide range of musical styles, paying attention to ensure the voices of women and people of colour were included. that said, there is always room for more. it is not lost on me that the majority of these bands and musicians are white men, despite our best efforts for that not to be the case. my hope is for diversity and inclusion to be the underlying theme of our sunday discussions, adding to and learning more as we go along.

below is the list of groups/ artists we picked
(it's worth keeping in mind that we let finn add a few names to the list ;) )

A Tribe Called Red Neil Young
Arcade Fire Neko Case
Bad Religion Nirvana
Beastie Boys Queen
Beyonce Ramones
Bob Dylan Run-D.M.C.
Bright Eyes Simon & Garfunkel
Broken Social Scene Sonic Youth
Bruce Springsteen Stevie Wonder
David Bowie Stompin' Tom Connors
Death Cab for Cutie Taylor Swift
Dinosaur Jr. The Beach Boys
Feist The Beatles
Green Day The Carpenters
Jawbreaker The Clash
Jay-Z The Cure
Jimi Hendrix The Get Up Kids
Joel Plaskett The Rolling Stones
Johnny Cash The Talking Heads
Joni Mitchell The Tragically Hip + Gord Downie
Joy Division + New Order                         The Weakerthans
Julie Doiron The White Stripes
Kendrick Lamar Thelonious Monk
Leonard Cohen Tupac Shakur
M.I.A. Weezer
Michael Jackson Wolf Parade
Miles Davis Wu-Tang Clan