Saturday, May 25, 2019


Last month, Finn turned nine.

Below is a birthday interview with my favourite kid.


What has been your favorite memory from the last year?
Our two month summer break trip to Calgary, Toronto and Fredericton - Swimming in Auntie Freddie's pool, eating three ice cream sandwiches and a fudgecicle in one afternoon, The Bucket Club.

Also when Lourdes introduced me to the Marvel movies.

Oh - except in Toronto when Auntie Heather scared the pants off me.

What was the best book you read?
Spy School by Stuart Gibbs.

What's your favourite colour?
Black is my favourite shade. Red is my favourite colour.

Who inspires you? Why do you think that is?
My friend Tate - he's really funny and fun to be around. He is very smart and always stays true to himself. He's a really good friend.

What was the best movie you watched?
Maybe Iron Man. Oh, yeah - and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.

What is currently your favorite food?
Beignets and Dole Whip. And the candy nachos Sid brought for snack one time (apple slices with caramel and Oreo chunks on top.) 
What is currently your least favorite food?
Baby tomatoes. I hate how they explode when you bite into them.

What would you pick as your Superhero name and what powers would you have?
My name would be Zoom, and I would have super speed and be able to control the weather.

What place would you like to visit in the next year?
New York City or Florida/Disney World. I also really want to go to Italy to see the Colosseum and to Leaning Tower of Pisa and to eat so much pizza, pasta and gelato.

What bands do you currently love?  
Imagine Dragons, Marshamello, Bastille, 5 Seconds of Summer, and Arctic Monkeys.

What is something you are really good at?
Math, reading, card games, building LEGO, I'm fast, and I'm good at sports. 

What is something you want to learn about or become better at this coming year?
I want to learn about using the testing tubes in math (Montessori), how to do a flip on the trampoline, and I want to get better at drawing 3-D things. 

If you could change your name, what would you change it to?
Jackson. I love that name.

What TV show are you really into?
The Flash.

What is your favourite sport?
California Kickball or Dodge ball.

What makes you happy? 
The song 'Happier', my family and friends, finishing a good book, making an awesome drawing, the first bite of a beignets.